I am Shyam Karri, a Watercolor enthusiast, exploring deeper dimensions of life and expressing the harmony that I seek through Watercolors. I enjoy watching ordinary life on the streets, I realize that all that visual information tickles my subconscious mind, which indeed urges me to laugh it out through strokes.

My Journey :

I was born in 1990, in Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh, and pursued Architecture and furniture design. As a kid, I had developed a great love for painting, sculpture, music and my explorations with these mediums had left wonderful memories. My subconscious was filled with beautiful images and I would constantly play with those images in my head. I waited for holidays to paint them out and cherished the joy of watching my imaginations freeze on paper.

Later, during my pre-University, taking my studies seriously I had not painted for a couple of years. This space (of not painting) had built up more enthusiasm towards art and eventually went on to pursue Architecture in my graduation.

Architecture education had opened me up to a larger spectrum. Traveled immensely and read a lot of books of J.Krishnamurti and Zen philosophy. All these exposed me to various perspectives and various mediums of expression. I had gotten interested in every medium that I got exposed to, like design, film making, painting, music, poetry, and theatre. And the core is all about the playful narration of sensory stimuli through the play of various layers to evoke ‘one’s sense of being’.

Realized that through any medium all that we do is ‘Seeking Harmony’.Doing that consciously, playfully is what art is all about!

Watercolor and me :

I randomly picked up watercolors one day during my college days and realized I am still stuck with them joyfully. It is an ever-engaging medium that puts me on my toes and throws surprises at every juncture. With every stroke, I get to watch my state of mind instantly, thereby giving me a chance to connect to myself. It was a more self-exploration process than creating artworks. In the process, I had learned to accept accidents and allow things to unfold on their own through me.

Philosophy :

I could very much connect to what Zen philosophy emphasizes. Watercolor helps me practice Zen, to become attentive to ‘the presence’ and express the moment as it is.

I was lucky and thankful for a Zen meditation center in Kodaikanal called ‘Bodhi Zendo’ which had been my heaven to meditate and paint.

“Effort is the mind’s way, effortlessness is of the heart”

The Process :

The process is exhilarating and puts me on my toes and compels me to remain attentive at any given moment.
It’s a constant dabble between
Control and ‘no control’,
Mind and heart,
Rationality and intuition